pssssttt… did you hear?  Travis and Kim are getting MARRIED!!!!  EEEKKKK!!!  So excited for these two for sure.  Not only because I’ve known Travis forever but because the couple of times I’ve hung out with Kim I thought she was amazing and Travis couldn’t be a luckier guy!  I mean Hello???  Kim is GORGEOUS!!! Like MODEL GORGEOUS!!! So I’m pretty pumped to see her all dolled up on her Wedding Day.  If she looks this good in her Engagement pictures there is sure to be some beauts next July when they get married.  Blaine and I are so thrilled to be capturing their special day.  They are wonderful people and I can honestly say that Kim has completed Travis…corny i know..but truly, it’s like Travis has undergone some amazing transformation since meeting Kim.  This is the ONE for him, and honestly Kim is probably one of the coolest, brightest, most beautifulest (yes I made that word up) people I have ever met.  She really is a sweetheart.  They are meant to be and I’m so happy for them!!!  It’s hard to meet the ONE, but when you do you hold on tight!

Our session was incredible.  We had the most amazing weather!  The leaves were beautiful, the skies were gorgeous thunder heads rolling was electrifying being with these two on the beach!  We had a lot of fun, but I think the best part was that they brought their baby with them….yep, their dog!  These two are IN LOVE with their dog and wanted him to be a part of the action…I loved the idea!!!  I even found this wicked cool shot from another photographer in Alberta that I wanted to try and they were all for it!  They practiced leading up to it and I think you’ll be impressed with his obedience when you see the pictures below.  And he’s a pup to boot!  Great Dog, Great Couple, Great Session!!!

Travis and Kim I hope you love your sneak peek, it was amazing and I loved every minute of it!  Blaine and I are so excited to be capturing your very special Wedding Day!  See you at the stag and doe in March 🙂

Love Always,