I was so blessed to meet so many wonderful children and families this past year. Many were clients who had a great experience the year before and came back again and more were from those wonderful past clients that sang my praises to their friends and family. I really appreciate all of the referrals, it really puts a smile on my face and lets me know that you had a great session with me!

2013 brought a lot of new and exciting changes to my business and I appreciate all those that contacted me and let me photograph their sweet sweet children. My family and I thank you for your support and your friendship. We are truly grateful to you 🙂

Photographing children is my favourite favourite thing to do and I’m so happy that I am lucky enough to pursue my passion everyday and meet so many super cool kids! They crack me up and i think we have a lot of fun at our sessions 🙂

As I look back at 2013 I am able to see both success and failure (why did I think that was going to work? ;P).  The beginning of 2014 is a time to reflect for many people in both their personal and professional lives.  I love looking back with a smile for the past and a grin for what the future will hold.  I really do feel so blessed to do what I do.  I found my passion and these years have been nothing but the best times of my life.  It also coincided with the birth of my two children so really what could be better than RIGHT NOW?!!!  Absolutely nothing!  Again I am so blessed 🙂

2014 will continue to be a time of growth for my business including attending a newborn workshop in the USA (sooooooo excited about this! you have no idea!!!EEEKKK!!!!)  and fine tuning my policies and pricing to ensure that I continue to have a viable business plan in place to support my family and continue to be a legit business paying taxes, licensing fees, equipment upgrades, etc… (you know the boring stuff ;p lol)

2014 will also be a time to reflect on my almost 3 years in business and what works and what doesn’t. Work Life Balance has been something I have really struggled with. I found it challenging to be both a photographer, marketer, advertiser and business manager as well as have a newborn and toddler at home and so my family and I will be implementing some changes in this new year now that we know how many hours on the back end it takes to run a successful business. This will mean that I will be taking on less sessions per month so I can focus more solely on those clients and become more of a boutique business which was a part of my business plan. I want to help my clients plan their sessions from start to finish including wardrobe choices and have a plan in place before our session together so that we can get the kind of images each family wants to get to create beautiful wall displays in their homes. This will in turn benefit my family as they will get more of my undivided attention.  They are only this young right now, I can’t imagine missing any minute of it and I felt a bit of a tug a war action going on this past year that needs to be rectified (you know I like being honest with you 🙂 )

This also means that I will be only taking on 2 weddings a year and only taking them on in July and August when my son is out of school. This is a pretty significant change from the 10 weddings we usually take on a year.  We have loved photographing each and every wedding and meeting so many lovely Brides and Grooms..it’s really been lovely and we certainly loved the “date day” we created by spending the day with you!  But time again is of the essence and it is fleeting… and so we need to cut back on how many we take on so that we can spend the time with our children that they need and deserve.

I also will only be doing Boudoir Marathons once per year most likely in the first week of January each year (no longer taking on private Boudoir sessions). Thank you to all of you have participated in private sessions and marathons – I appreciate all the love you have shown me in that area of my work!  It really has been wonderful.

I won’t talk about specific changes to the business right now as I’m deep into editing still and won’t have time to implement it and update guidebooks until February, which means pricing won’t change until then so feel free to book now at 2013 pricing.  I also will be taking time off in February and will only take on a few sessions so that I can work on all those updates I talked about 🙂

So I’ll end with a big FAT THANK YOU!!!!   THANK YOU for being a fan, THANK YOU for supporting me and my photography business which in turn supports Grey and Ruby who you all hear about if you follow me on facebook.  THANK YOU for making 2013 a wonderful year, a successful year.  And now let’s all get excited about the AWESOMENESS that is going to be 2014… because I promise you it really will be awesome!!!

I have two Christmas sessions that still need to be edited but enjoy the family sessions that I have had the pleasure to photograph this year… children have a special place in my heart and i love pretty much everything about them (including the temper tantrums, yep i’m weird like that)… I mean is there anything BETTER THAN A CHILD?  nothing, nada, zip o, zero, …… they are what makes the world continue to thrive, they are our future and they are perfection…why not take a picture of their AWESOMENESS?  yep, that’s what i do…take pictures of AWESOMENESS.  what could be better than that?

All my love and best wishes for an amazing 2014 for you and your family!!!

Looking forward to meeting more amazing children this year… BRING IT ON!

(in my head i totally just said “It’s already been brought’n” like the movie but i swear i never saw that one, promise, lol)

Okay, I talk too much….

Have a great day!

Love Always,


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Jennifer Willard Photography specializes in Newborn, Baby and Family Photography.  Perth Ontario’s full service Photography and Portrait Design Residential Studio is located in one of the prettiest towns in Ontario.

The residential studio boasts many props and backdrops for fresh. unique. natural. set ups for your children’s portraits.  Outdoor sessions typically take place between April and November in and around Perth, Ontario, Canada.  Themed Mini Sessions take place all year and are announced on Facebook (@Jennifer Willard Photography Canada).

Clients come from Perth, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, Westport, Ottawa, Kingston and as far away as Brockville and all the towns in-between.  Jen also photographs newborns and families in Windsor, Tecumseh and Lakeshore Ontario when she is in the area and is available for Weddings there in July and August.

There are many beautiful products available including mounted prints, canvas, accordion mini books, albums and birth announcements.  If you are looking for a unique experience and a studio that can help you design a wall of art in your home please feel free to contact Jen at info@jenniferwillardphotography.ca

Looking forward to working with you!   ~ Jen