Bahahahahaaaa! This family made me laugh from beginning to end!  Full of smiles and good cheer this family had laughs that were contagious – especially moms!  And of course I was all to willing to make Austin laugh by acting like a fool!!! HAHAHA! Gotcha!  Love the age where they just don’t want to be around family, or think their family is nuts…I’ll let you in on a little secret Austin – when you’re older you are still going to think your family is nuts but you’ll actually want to hang around them because they are so funny! Especially your little sister that just cracks me up with those goofy faces…hahaha….. love them!  That 5 bucks you’re sister gave you was sooo worth it 😉

Thanks for coming out guys, it was awesome!  I hope to meet you again in the new year and I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks… some of these seriously made me LOL while I was picking them out.  Macy, you seriously can make a whole room smile just by walking in..thanks for agreeing to do my wreath shot..hilarious!!! lol… {sorry if I mispelled your fabulous name!}

Also can I just say the whole family has this incredible style about them.  They each wore clothes that spoke to who they were and it all just looks fabulous together.  I call them the sock family in my head…you’ll see why soon! ;p

I had a great time – thanks again!

Love Always,