It was such an honour to meet the O Family this past weekend. They were my very first family through The Maple Leaf Mission and I was both nervous and excited to get started. They made it easy for me with their relaxed attitude towards the photoshoot. It was a pleasure to meet Ted and Corinne’s beautiful kids Jack and Holly. Full of energy and older then most of the kids I meet, it was a lot of fun to capture their expressions and to see the love they have for each other even if it was hidden behind sibling rivalry at time! lol… You could tell Jack was in that in-between stage, not boy but not quite man yet. But oh so close to becoming a teen! Sweet, smiling Holly was just precious and really sweet as could be. And I just have to thank them both for putting on jeans for the photoshoot as they have been in shorts since April and didn’t want to be in anything else! Shorts wasn’t the look mom was going for and so they were big champs to come decked out in jeans, and I have to say they both looked great in them! 😉

Ted and Corinne were both so warm and welcoming and I just want to say thank you so much for contacting the Maple Leaf Mission and for allowing me to capture that special time in your lives. We are so happy that Ted is back home safe and sound after serving his country.

I really hope you enjoy your pictures!

Love Always,


*If you or someone you know could use “The Gift of Life in Pictures” then please visit The Maple Leaf Mission to fill out an application and learn more about this amazing organization.

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