I’m a sucker for a great family.  I am giving WAY too many pictures to this family but it can’t be helped!  They have the most amazing children, actually the whole family was amazing.  You know when you look at a family and think I want that?  What makes that family dynamic soo amazing?  They look at each other like they truly love being around each other.  You look at the family and think I want to be more like them…. That’s what this family was like for me.  From warm smiles to each other, to real genuine hugs to real laughter, this family has it all.  I seriously get a little choked up when I think about it because really this family embodies perfection for me.  Mom and Dad beam when they look at their children.  You can see the pride just pouring off of them for each child.  They allowed their children to act like children and particpated in the joy of the moment.  Dad for me was like a dad any girl could want.  He was one of those dads that just embraced you in a huge teddy bear hug.  Mom was full of kisses for her children, just like you would want your mom to be like.  They were IN LOVE with each other, I could see it right away.  And that love was showered on their children.  Know how I can tell there is a lot of love in this household?  Their children were just pretty much perfect.  They were able to express their interests without their parents telling them to stop, they were free to be children and were just as free to run back and get a quick hug from mom.  They were full of confidence and didn’t play strange at all.  They shared their opinions and weren’t afraid to tell me what they wanted.  They were amazing… just amazing children.

I am fortunate that I haven’t met a bad family yet.  Every family I have encountered has allowed their children to be free to be silly and be themselves once I give them the go-ahead right away.  And I’ve heard from countless past clients that that is one of the most amazing things about coming to my studio.  They love the candid shots I get because it’s not a stiff formal session.  Coming to see me I can almost guarantee that you won’t get the perfectly posed position shot but you’ll get something so much more REAL than that.   Really I would much rather have a picture of my child hanging upside down from dad’s arms with a huge grin on his face knowing that this would be a day in their child’s memories that they won’t forget then a stiff posed Walmart or Superstore shot anyday.  It’s about being REAL.  This is Real life, shouldn’t your pictures reflect that?  Wouldn’t you want them to?  I certainly do!

I know the Moore Family will certainly cherish these pictures for years to come {and the extra 10 I gave them ;p }.  On a side note: their little boy was hilarious when he was running around his sister as she was talking to me.  Their little girl IS one of my favourite little girls to photograph, definitely top 5… I know I know I’m not supposed to have favourites but seriously if you met this one your eyes would be watering with laughter like mine was.  She is HILARIOUS!  She could walk in a room and tell one of her stories and the whole room would be grinning from ear to ear… sigh.. just a lovely lovely girl… can I have one just like her next? …… no not pregnant, just have girl envy, all those pretty dresses, sigh… bring on the stripes for Grey! LOL

Hope you all enjoy the sneak peek!

Love Always,