The M Family came out this past weekend for a mini session and we had a lot of fun!  It was hard work getting Lilly to smile as she is at the wonderful age of 2.5…. the age where they don’t like cameras!!! lol.. but we got some out of her at the end she just had to act like a ninja like her big brother Braxton…something about that fadora hat made them become secret agents!  Good thing I found that out because I just got one like theirs and I’ll have to use it next time I’m looking for an agent to give a smile ;p

Thanks for coming by you guys, it was great fun and there were just too many good pictures to pick from!!!  so of course I threw in a couple of extras for you 😉  Mostly of Lilly because she is seriously gorgeous! Little girls get me everytime… 🙂

I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks!

Love Always,