I’m so thrilled to be a part of an amazing organization like the Maple Leaf Mission.

Their mission is to provide free professional photography sessions to people who have received a terminal diagnosis, a life changing diagnosis, or individuals with a genetic condition. As we know that sometimes photography is the last thing on a families mind. These sessions provide families memories of the good times during their struggles.

If you know a family who may have a need for a bright spot in their day please feel free to check out The Maple Leaf Mission website to see how to qualify.  You can also see some sessions of other families that have been blessed by the “The Gift of Life in Pictures”.

I always knew that I wanted to help out the community that has so lovingly welcomed me into their lives.  Perth is where we call home and we’re excited to be able to raise our son in the same town as my husband was raised in.  I was searching the internet one day looking for organizations to help and found The Maple Leaf Mission.  I was SO excited because not only did I find an amazing organization but also because I’m a VERY PROUD CANADIAN and was thrilled that it was locally owned and operated right here on our fertile ground.

Helping Canadians during their most challenging hours would be such an honour and I’m so excited to meet some amazing families.  I feel very blessed to be doing what I love to do and want to share that passion with others.  If I can give a family a precious gift in a photograph then it would seriously make my day.  How could I not help out these very special people?

I look forward to my first session and the many more I hope to help with in the future.

Love Always,