The problem with only having a boy is that when you get to photograph little girls you go a little crazy with the amount of pictures you take!  They are just too cute!   That was the case when I met the adorable girls of the Lynch-Czermak family.  Big sister Charlie is almost 4 years old and little sister Emmeline {aka Emme} is 10 months old.  Charlie was full of energy and spunk and Emme had the biggest eyes and great big laughs for her daddy.  Dad Wojtek and mom Jeri were able to reign all that energy in for a couple of family shots, but the girls really were the stars and were calling the shots…which was fine by me!  Made for some really awesome pictures!

We got some great shots of Charlie in my favourite tutu and cool headbands and star sunglasses.  She was very excited to sit in the wagon that looked just like her own and couldn’t get enough of the pony.  She twirled around and showed her personality in every shot we captured!

Emme was just too cute, sitting there with her big blue eyes!  She is mobile now and so we had to start her at the back of the background paper and let her crawl towards me.  She loved the white chest and really wished she could go on the pony.  Maybe next time when you’re a little older honey!

We also took some Couple shots of the Mom and Dad…you can tell that after two kids and all the challenges that that can bring, they are still in love with each other and loving everyday of their family life.

We ventured outside in between rain showers and captured some goofy grins – unfortunately the black flies just came out on my property so we had to make our time outside quick!  Will have to go in to town with clients this summer until the bugs calm down.

All together an adorable family!  Thank you Matt and Stacey for the referral and thank you Lynch-Czermak family for choosing me to capture your precious family moments this week while you were visiting from up North.

Hope you enjoy all the pictures!

~ Jen

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