Well, here it is.  The big reveal.  A Photoshoot I’ve had in my head forever and was so ridiculously happy to have it come to pass that I literally had a grin like the whole day shooting.  Dani and Ashley, who I’ve known forever very enthusiastically said YES to being my models for the day.

And so we were off…to Kelford’s….some call it a junkyard, some call it a scrapyard…I call it a Photographer’s Dream location for a grungy photoshoot.  It was perfect!  We waited until this time of year so that the girls would be able to be in layers without being too hot and the ground wouldn’t be too muddy.  Well, the ground was too muddy in spots, and the sun was as bright as mid-summer but those girls worked it like they had been modeling for years instead of being their first day on the job.

We had some sighing moments when we spotted two old trucks and I couldn’t help but be overjoyed when I saw the crushed school bus….like i said it was just perfect!!! EEKKKK!!!!

A huge thank you to Dani and Ashley for being my models, for taking such fantastic direction to get the looks I wanted and for giving me the best blank canvas to work with.  You guys are GORGEOUS and this shoot would be nothing without you!

Did I mention that I’m excited for our next themed photoshoot next year?  Oh yeah, way EPIC like this one.  EEEKKK!! Okay, that’s months away so I just have to settle on waiting…but I know Dani is going to do a mini themed photoshoot with me this Winter that I hope you will all like too!

Before you begin, let me explain that I wanted to try different colours and they really only work for fun shoots like this.  And that’s why I love doing these types of shoots.  They let me get my full creative juices out.  You may hate some of them but I’m hoping that you will LOVE them ALL as they are meant to be artsy, edgy, editorial works of art.  I would love to hear your thoughts afterwards either on the comments section at the bottom or head on over to my Facebook page Jennifer Willard Photography Canada and let me know your thoughts on there.  This is a labour of love and I’ve got SOOO many more themed photoshoot ideas that I just can’t wait to share with you.

Fingers crossed that you love them 🙂

Love Always,


Junkyard photoshoot