To say there were a lot of people is an understatement!  LOL…  The whole Lynch family met me at the cottage that they were renting and we had a great time trying different combinations of family members together on my white background I brought.  There wasn’t enough room inside the cottage to set it up and they all really liked the idea of using the white background so we set it up outside.

I know what you’re thinking..outside?  Really?  Yep! We did, and let me tell you – lesson learned! HA!  It was a doozy editing these pictures to say the least.  Half the subjects were in shadows, half in bright sunlight.  The paper looked half blue, half white in all the images I took…so like I said lessson learned – never put a background outside, it’s just not worth the pain afterwards!  But the headache aside, it was fun to edit their film!  And I tried out some new effects for a vintage 1970’s at the cottage look, so that was super fun.

You might remember the Lynch’s from just a few short months ago.  Emme has now turned one and is running everywhere and sweet Charlie turned 4.  They seem to be the heart of the whole Lynch family!  Aunts Jen and Jill couldn’t wait to get their cuddles in and take a sweet picture with their darling nieces.  And Uncles John and Rob got in some cuddle time too!  Grandma was on hand to do what Grandma’s do best – give lots of hugs and kisses!  Those that weren’t in the picture at the time were standing behind me making silly faces and loud noises to get the girls attention.  It was Hectic but Hilarious!!!  Half the images I found on my camera had little Emme with snarls…too cute!

The girls were ready to swim soon after we started so we decided to go out to the water and I got some cute goofing around shots.  And I can’t forget the fabulous Finnigan – the dog!  So adorable and a star of a few shots.  I can’t remember their other dog’s name right now 🙁 but he was camera shy – only got him in the first group shot.

Overall a great time at the cottage.  I meet up with little Emme and Charlie and their parents in two weeks to capture their antics all over again on Daddy’s side of the family.  Should be interesting…now if I can only get them to not want to swim long enough to put on my Fabulous new tutu!!!  I’m itching to put it on someone and I know those girls would be perfect!…sigh… maybe next time 😉

Hope the extended Lynch family enjoys the Sneak Peeks and I hope you all do too!

~ Jen

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