Oh My Goodness, this family cracks me up!  I pretty much laughed the whole time I was with them.

I’ve had the honour of photographing Jeri and Wojtek and their daughters Charlie and Emme three times now in the past 4 months.  They just keep coming back for more!  And I’m totally okay with that because I get to see their little girls growing up!  Charlie even told me she loved me this time 🙂  …melts my heart.

Jeri and Wojtek brought the girls to my secret location on Saturday night for part one of our session and then I met them at Babcia’s house {Polish for Grandma} to get some shots with Babcia and Uncle Patrick.  The girls weren’t really into close up shots the second day, probably because they were sick of my camera being in their face from the night before! Ha!  But no worries, we got some great family shots the second day… like I said we had a lot of fun, especially with water at Babcia’s expense!  Oh was she mad!!!  Check out those special shots on my Facebook page {Jennifer Willard Photography Canada}.

Babcia..do you like how I’m just calling her that now instead of her real name?  🙂  Can’t help it! She was a sweetheart and I totally want her for another Grandma!  Uncle Patrick was full of smiles and made me laugh so much.  He absolutely adores his nieces and the rest of the family and it shows.  It was so nice to see a family that laughs together even when they’re trying to play pranks on each other.    I just adore them!!! {Can you tell???}

Anyways,  a big thank you to Jeri and Wojtek for letting me into their families lives once again.  It’s been SO much fun and I can’t wait until I see you guys next {possibly a Christmas reunion???}… for now, enjoy your sneak peeks…and of course I couldn’t widdle down your pictures, like usual…your girls are just too cute!!!

Thanks for being my models in my secret location…enjoy!

Love Always,


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