I believe highly in the idea that kids should just act like kids.  I put this philosophy to work in my own household and I also put it to work in my business.  A kid should have fun.  They shouldn’t worry about the worries of the world.  They should have fun.  They shouldn’t worry if they have the perfect “Cheese” smile for the camera because mom and dad said ahead of time that that is what they had to do {no fault of theirs – that’s what Walmart has made them believe that they want – especially when you are on their 15 minute clock!}….they should have fun…and like Chucky Cheese’s I believe that my studio should be a place where a kid can be a kid.

This means there are no rules, well…try not to hit the backdrop lol, but besides that, my number one policy is to have fun.  I might suggest that they sit down on a chair or the ground or stand in a particular spot because of lighting but what they do in that spot is all up to them.  I might ask them what prop they would like to play with or I might ask them about school, but it’s up to the child to decide how our session is going to go.  This has worked for me so far in every session.  We goof around and I get candid pictures.  That’s what I’m aiming for.

Parents might think they want the “Cheese” smile but it’s my job to show them that there is so much more to their children then a fake smile.  There are grins, moments of contemplation, mischievious looks and gut-wrenching laughter that will make a far more realistic snapshot of your child and who they really are then all that “cheese”… just say no to “cheese”!!!!!

Okay, okay I must admit that I always tell the kids during the session that they have to say “Cheese” for one shot because that’s the shot that mom wants to put on her wall…but we always hope for the real deal in those circumstances, and often get them, and if not, then I get them with good old fashioned goofyness.  Kids want to feel like you want to get to know them.  That you are not another grown up telling them that they have to sit still or to stop fidgeting.  Kids should be allowed to act like kids.  I always give lots of time in each session for snack breaks or I switch out children so the other gets a break.  This lets me get to know each child really well and lets them feel comfortable with me so they can act like themselves.

Now that I have told you about my philosophy, it’s time to tell you why it pertains to these three wonderful children I met last weekend.  They are without a doubt some of the most precious kids I have ever met.  They were sweet, funny and kind and the love Aidan and Jade have for their little brother is just something to witness.  I was amazed to see how well they got along and how much fun Jade and Aidan were willing to have together! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, together! Siblings who want to hang out with each other and actually feed off each other’s sillyness… it was remarkable because in reality it can be rare… boys and girls just generally don’t like to hang out..not these two…they were inseparable.. just love them {sigh}…..

They must have really good genes…oh wait they do!!! LOL… they are related to my Sister-in-Law and niece….oh that’s where the sweetness and good looks come from!! Explains everything 😉

It was just a pleasure to meet the Crawford Family right down to sweet baby Bentley that has the most incredible eyes…so big and beautiful!!! And I just love his little chubby cheeks 🙂  Jade your expressions made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion while editing!  Aidan, those two are just so lucky to have such a good big brother like you…you are just amazing and I loved your model poses on the ground…there may be work for you in your future in front of the camera 😉 and thanks for wearing my sumbrero- you’re the first one to want to and I must say you look absolutely dashing in it 🙂

Thanks Robyn for contacting me and allowing me to meet your sweet little family.  I might just be seeing you sooner than you think 😉

Love Always,