I had a fantastic time with the Bullis Family last weekend.  I’ve known Cusondra for a number of years and we happened to be roomies for a little while when we both lived in Calgary.  So it was such a pleasure for me to finally meet her brand new family.  I say ‘new’ because funny enough I hadn’t met her husband or two kids since we both moved back to Ontario.  And we don’t even live that far away from each other! We’re terrible I know.  Anyways, we had a great time.  Little Alivia was full of smiles, you may remember her picture from the Grand Opening Photo Contest, she was a very close second!  And wee little Landon was just too adorable with big eye and the cutest little “O” expression to his mouth!  It was a pleasure to finally meet Mike and you could tell he is just IN LOVE with his family..a family man for sure…Cusondra found a keeper!!!

We had some fun inside with new cowboy boots and hat Alivia got sent to her from out West, and because Landon is turning the BIG ONE – we got to do an adorable cake smash…it was so much fun and I’m glad I got to try it on someone I knew because I made the Rookie Mistake of leaving it in the fridge, so I had to take my heater to it! HA HA!!!  but we got it melty enough for Landon to put his little fingers in it.  He wasn’t sure what to make of it, but he liked the taste once Mom took out a piece for him!

It was raining 🙁  but they were real troopers and we went to the park anyways and got some fun rain shots with umbrella’s and braved the rain in others! 🙂  A fun day!

I really hope you like the Sneak Peeks Bullis Family!  I can’t wait to meet up with you guys.  Thanks again for coming all the way from Brockville for your session 🙂


Love Always,