This was by far one of the most fun sessions I have had to date!  Tanya and Josh were so much fun together – constantly making each other, and inevitably me laugh!  They were full of ideas and concepts they wanted to try including the Silhouette – which I hadn’t tried before but really really wanted to!  They were patient while we tested out some lighting positions and I think the Silhouette’s turned out great!

Josh works for the railroad so we had to have some train shots, and of course, how could we not have shots showing their tattoos!  They were very important symbols to them and had special meanings so I really hope they love those ones…

We also headed out to the beach in Westport and because our session was running into the 3rd and 4th hour marks we were able to catch the sun setting…I was SOOOO EXCITED about this!  I love the shots and am so happy that my first sunset shots turned out so well.

Tanya truly believes {as well as her doctor} that she is going to go into labour early…which means I get to see their cute little boy even earlier then expected!!!  Lucky me, and lucky parents that their son just can’t wait to meet them!

I really hope Josh and Tanya and the rest of their family {**wink wink sister Michelle, my good buddy**} love their pictures.  It was so much fun to shoot such a happy couple!  I left out the Silhouette pictures for now because they are a bit racier, but I hope I can share them all with you in the future. Such an awesome session!!!   Thanks guys!


Love Always,