What can I say about this Wedding?  It was filled with GORGEOUS LIGHT from beginning to end.  The Groom looked radiant as he was waiting for his Bride and the Church was just filled with bright light – a Photographer’s dream!  Kim was so breathtaking coming down the aisle on her dad’s arm and even though it was a very traditional ceremony it was filled with laughter and delight at the thought of these two getting married.

After the ceremony we went to Temples (such a gorgeous venue!) for some beautiful pictures with family and the bridal party and then we went to Kim’s parents house which is gorgeous and I actually had a whole bunch of time with the Bride and Groom for their formals which never seems to happen – so of course I loved it!

These two were flawless at their engagement session (you can see it here) and they stayed true to form for their Bridal portraits going into the next pose with ease and the good looks of real models!  They seem to know their poses!! I wonder if they practice at home or if just comes naturally to these two gorgeous people!

We had some fellowship with close family and friends and then headed back to Temples for their cocktail reception.  There were tears shed at the speeches but lots of laughter when the Bride and her dad put on a special dance for us!  It was amazingly awesome!!!!

We were so happy to be asked to be a part of their day and to celebrate with two people that were meant to be!  Blaine and I wish you tons of happiness and a lifetime of love!

Enjoy your sneak peeks 🙂

Love Always,