Ashley and Kyle had an amazing Country Wedding on June 2, 2012.  It was held at Kyle’s parents house and it was  laid back, relaxed and full of fun – just the way I like Weddings to be!  Ashley looked gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!  The Bridesmaid’s and Ashley’s mom were in beautiful purple dresses (my fave colour!) and the best part was they carried that relaxed at home feeling to what the guys were wearing…purple plaid shirts, jeans and workboots!!! LOVED IT!!!!  It was fantastic!  And makes me wish we had had the guts to go that casual on our wedding day!

They worked so hard on their barn with so many beautiful details including cutting down like 30 foot trees and tying them to the sides of the barn so it looked like the Barn was just an extension of the outdoors…it was seriously the most clever thing we had ever seen!  We had looked at the barn first before even seeing the Bride and Groom so we had huge grins about how awesome this wedding was going to be!

Blaine went with the guys and I was with the girls as they got dressed.  We headed outside to get shots with the girls in the long grass and who do we hear whooting and hollering but the boys at the next property over (both owned by Kyle’s dad) on the roof of the house getting their pictures taken!!!!  i was praying for no broken bones for the ceremony!!

Then we hear the trucks smoking and rolling around over there – guess the boys were having a good time! lol

so we went over to the other house and set up the first look with the Bride and Groom.  It was our first time doing before the ceremony pictures and we were just thrilled with the opportunity!  The Groom put on a show for sure when he saw Ashley, he was just so much fun!  We did our family and bridal party portraits in the most beautiful setting.  Then it was time to get married!!! Oh there were some funny moments to say the least!!!

Heading over to the reception to end our night with our photobooth and dancing pictures and we can say we had a great time getting to know all their friends and family!

Ashley and Kyle Congratulations again and we hope you like this small sneak peek of your day…it was a pleasure to meet you both!!!

Love Always,