How cool are these two?  They have such a relaxed, chilling out kind of attitude which I just love!  They are country folk, who love their truck, their dog and most importantly each other.  That’s where I fit in!  They are getting MARRIED!!! Whoop! Whoop!  Don’t you just love love?  It’s great to see it and be around it, I’m a lucky duck 🙂

We decided to go somewhere a bit different, somewhere that matched their country personalities.  So we met at this great little Mill in Perth, the owners are so fabulous for letting me shoot there!  We actually used this same location for our groomsmen’s pictures when Blaine and I were getting married since Blaine’s mom lived like a stone throw away.  I love this location because it’s off the country road, it’s quiet (you only get the occasional swimmer or neighbour coming by to take a dip or have lunch), and it’s just stunning.  And this time it even had farm equipment that we used to our advantage!

Emily and Derek were so at ease with each other that it made my job super easy.  This was our first time meeting each other since they booked me for their Wedding and I love using Engagment sessions as a time to really get to know each other before the big day.  It let’s them feel more comfortable with me and understand how I pose people.  It also let’s them see that I may say a thing or two to get those real smiles to come out (especially on the truck eh Derek? ;P)

You will die when you see her ring!! EEEEKKKK!

Thank you Emily and Derek for meeting me and for the fabulous little visit!  I loved meeting your mom and your dog too!  I can’t wait to photograph your Wedding…so excited for golf course shots at Timber Run!!!

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Love Always,


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