Details, Details, Details, that’s what sums up Annick and Ben’s Wedding Day.  For even though there was less than 15 people in attendance, no detail was left undone.  Annick used her mad skills and created a simple, yet elegant and unique Wedding experience for everyone.  Married at Ben’s family cottage in a super secret elopement, there was just Annick’s sister and her family and Ben’s brother and his family in attendance.  Besides me and the minister no one else knew about this love affair but they all found out afterwards when Annick and Ben surprised their families with phone calls, not telling them that they got engaged, but got married!  There were squeals of delight and lots of laughter from those family members and I’m just so thrilled that I got to be a part of all the action.  There were fun drinks to celebrate afterwards as well!  How awesome is that?

Annick’s colour scheme involved a lot of turquoise, even down to her especially made high heels that she designed herself!  Blue bubbles and fans, umbrella’s and super awesome hair piece all ran with the colour scheme of the day.  Ben looked absolutely dashing in his bow tie and fadora style hat later on riding on his grandfather’s bicycle.  Annick was super gorgeous in a custom made Wedding dress that fit her style to a T.  Personal additions like a handkerchief and bracelet completed her outfit and just made her dazzling.

It was such a relaxed day that when I showed up 40 minutes before the ceremony Ben was in the lake swimming with his brother!!!  It was one of those perfect days…I think that’s what they will think of it when they look back…everything was perfect.

Thank you so much Annick and Ben for inviting me to be a part of such a wonderful day in your lives.  I wish you so many years of happiness together and it was very obvious to me that you were meant to be together, made for each other really, and so I know you will have those years together no questions asked.

It was a great pleasure, so enjoy your sneak peeks!

Love Always,