People often ask me what the difference is between professional prints printed through me and printing themselves at a local department store or kiosk.  The difference is actually quite great!  From the experiments I have done with the local printing companies, it is evident that the difference in quality is uncomparable.  Local kiosks print either too dark, too bright, too magenta, too warm….it never seems to end.

The prints I offer are created at the highest quality printers using high-end luxurious archival paper and inks and can’t be beat for the beautiful colours it displays.  The best part?  My monitors are callibrated to my Professional Printing House’s printers so the colour is spot on to what I edit them to look like…every time.

Custom Photography is an investment and it shouldn’t stop at the session fee.  Why pay for a boutique photography experience if you are just going to get your pictures printed at the local printer for 10 cents a print?  They certainly won’t look their best.  The colours will bleed and won’t be anywhere close to what I have created for you.  I spend countless hours perfecting your images and I want them to look their very best.  That is why you hired a professional photographer right?  So that you could have fantastic images!  From big 16×20 prints that make a statement to the wallet sized prints you are handing out to relatives, your prints should reflect the investment you made for your family’s memories.

I do sell digital images, it’s a digital world to be sure, but I love to show my clients what the brilliant colours of real prints can look like when they come into the studio.

Don’t sell yourself short.  Get the images you wanted from the Professionals that print for Photographer’s on a daily basis.  You won’t regret the difference the quality makes.

To book your family’s session in and around Perth or in the studio be sure to give me a call or email, I’d be happy to discuss products and prints with you so you can showcase your favourite images from our session together and really make a statement on your walls!

Love Always,


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