Haley’s session will forever be ingrained in my brain as a memorable session.  It started off the same as usual, driving to a location outside, in this case a church in McDonald’s Corners, but it didn’t end the same at all.  The session went fantastic and the kids were seriously so much fun!  I love when they come up with their own poses, it really makes it fun for them.

We got some amazing family shots, and how could you not with these 3 beautiful people!!!  I might have to ask Haley to model for me – she’s such a natural in front of the lens!

When it was time to leave low and behold my truck decided to not start! YIKES!  We were in the middle of no where with no cell reception…two moms who had booster cables but did not know how to use them LOL!!! Oh my, it was hilarious and ridiculous at the same time haha!

So we tried to flag some bikers down and with looks like Haley has you think they would stop for us…but no, they slowed down and then sped back up…what happened to helping ladies in distress???  Finally, Haley jumped in her van with the kids and drove up the road where she found this wonderful couple who came back and boosted the truck…thank you thank you for saving me Haley and a big thank you to those kind folks!!

Yep, pretty much not going to forget this one as it’s the first and only time that has happened to me…apparently the battery was a bit loose, all fixed now, but still super annoying to happen to me!

Anywho, thanks Haley for the great session and thanks for saving my pregnant butt so i wasn’t stranded in the middle of nowhere! ….must confess i still don’t really know how to start it but i have booster cables in the truck so that has to be half the battle right?

p.s. you’ll see a lot of black and whites..love me some black and whites! also my husband thinks you look like a model {i told him i agree :)..it will make him blush that i wrote this here..insert evil laugh HAHAHA}

Enjoy your sneak peeks!

Love Always,