Who are my clients?

I decided to sit down and really think about who my clients are.  What makes them tick?  Who are the types of families that I want to attract?

After much thought the answer is pretty simple.  My clients are just like me.  Yes we may drive different cars, live in different types of neighbourhoods and have different financial goals but essentially when it comes to being a parent our goals are the same.  We love our children unconditionally and want to share the world with them.  We want to show them that the world is at their feet and they can do and be anything they dream of.  We want them to have peace in their minds and love in their hearts.  We want them to feel safe and secure in our homes and daily life.  My clients are the same as me, they want the world for their children.

My clients are moms who laugh out loud at their children’s silly knock knock jokes.  My clients are dads who just beam with pride when they see their children helping others.  Mommies who put their kids drawings on their fridges no matter how messy it looks for no other reason then because their kid drew it.  Daddies who can’t wait to give piggy back rides when they come home from work.

My clients are children who are not afraid to play and laugh because they are allowed to be children and keep their innocence for just a little while longer in a world that constantly asks them to grow up.  Little girls that want to dress up like a princess with tutus and fairy wings and little boys that want to pretend to be cowboys or firemen.  Children who are full of infectious grins and shy smiles.  Children who are allowed to be quiet because in those quiet moments I can capture the very depths of their souls in their eyes.  Children who are a little mischievous and who are free to be themselves in front of the camera because capturing that free spirit is so much more important than capturing a stiff back, cheesy smile.  Children who love their siblings and even those that don’t today.

My clients want me to capture the real moments.  The real emotion.  The real depth of their love for their children.  They want me to capture the silly moments, the serious moments and the tearful ones.  My clients value the photographs I provide for them because they are a true capture of their families today.  Who their little people are today at age 1 and 14 and all the ages in between.  My clients pass these pictures in their hallways everyday and smile, remembering how adorable their child was when they lost that tooth, wore that favourite shirt everyday or refused to take off that costume. They are mothers and fathers who may at times wish they could have a break from the craziness and the mundane of everyday life, but can’t take their eyes off the faces of their children in the images because of the beauty they see there; because they love their children so much.

My clients want pictures of the silly faces, the crooked smiles, the sparkling eyes.  My clients are me and that’s what I would want.

It makes me so happy to know that my clients are just like me.  They love their children and can’t imagine their lives without them.  They are their whole world.  I’m so blessed that my client’s choose me to capture these beautiful moments in their families’ lives.  These are the moments to cherish.  These are the moments to remember.  The photographs I take will be poured over for years to come.  My clients are the children whose homes are filled with images of them growing up, who know they are loved and are the most precious things to their parents.  They are everything.

My clients love their children and I love to photograph that love.

Thank you clients for allowing me to capture that profound, unconditional love you have for your children.  It is so rewarding and I feel so blessed to have met so many families in the past almost two years in business.  I guess you could say I’m in the business of love.  How cool is that?

Love Always,

Jen xoxo