How small is this town?  Super small when you think about the connections you can make.  Keri contacted me about some family photos since her daughter was 7 months old.  Madison was the cutest thing!  She had beautiful outfits to change into and didn’t mind being a model for the day.

Little did we realize that our intimate photoshoot would be witnessed by quite a few spectators during the Stewart Park Festival!  We were lucky to find one another at all!  Oops! better check next years schedule so I know when not to book at that fantastic park! lol

Madison was just perfect and even though I only got a couple of grins, her expressions were amazing and I just loved seeing the light in her eyes.

As we were winding down our session together we realized that there was more of a connection then we bargained for.  This was the famous Courtney I had heard so much about from my husband.  Friends with my hubby’s little brother, Dave was an amazing snowboarder before he broke his back…I had heard all about him as snowboarding and skiing have always been a passion for the King boys.  It’s funny that we had never met before on the hill…but things change and now he has a gorgeous wife and beautiful baby can’t get much better than that!

It was a pleasure to meet all three of you and I hope you enjoy just a little teaser from our day together.  I hope to see Madison again in the future for more pictures as they grow up so very fast.

Love Always,