Don’t you just love going to Conlon Farm?  With it’s wide open fields and plenty of activities for the kids, it’s the perfect place for a family day.  That’s why it’s so wonderful for the fireworks display and for so many other events that Perth businesses and fundraisers put on.

This past week we, as in Blaine and Grey and I, went to the park to play but also because I wanted some pictures of father and son in the warm, yummy golden light of sunset.  It was colder than expected so we didn’t stay long enough to get the silhouettes I wanted but we’ll try again in the summer.

But I just have to say that when I get sun flare it makes my heart SING!  I just love it so much and I think it adds a lot of romance to an image.

I found this poem and I think it just speaks exactly to how I feel about sunset images.

The Sunset

The sunset glistens upon the land,
with people standing hand in hand,
the beauty that it brings to them,
the magic that it sings to them.

The sunset shines upon the ground,
with people standing, staring, astound,
the colors soaking into them,
the art evoking heart in them.

The sunset of life and love,
the sunset soaring in the heavens like a dove,
the sunset fills us up with mystery,
the sunset with an irreplaceable history.

Bette Kayley Jones

I’m going to cherish these pictures forever and I think I’m going to put them on canvas as a series in my house.  If you would like to capture your family in a unique and special way with yummy golden light please feel free to email me at to set up a sunset family shoot.

For now, enjoy these images of a perfect family evening together 🙂

Love Always,