I love a good epic photoshoot in the morning don’t you?  With the Red Riding Hood movie out I thought I would try my hand at the concept of Red Riding Hood.  But I wanted to tell a story.  Who was Red Riding Hood?  Did she really make it out of the forest to grandmother’s house?  I hope you all love my interpretation of this wonderful fairytale.  Although many might not like my interpretation, the idea is to see how life can be different by the choices we make.  A wrong turn can put us down a path to distruction where a right turn can lead us to warm cookies from grandmother’s oven.  This is the path that my Red Riding Hood took.

I want to give a big thank you to Kim for braving the cold weather for this shoot.  She was literally purple with teeth chattering but she looked amazing and helped tell this story with her emotional expressions and beautiful posture.  I can’t wait to photograph her Wedding this summer – she’s going to look EPIC in her own right with a beautiful wedding gown on.

Thank you to Kathy, my mother in law, for always helping me with my shoots!  She made this wonderful cape for me and has helped with anything I ask of her from newborn hats to cupcakes!

Thank you to all my fans that love my concept shoots.  I love hearing your thoughts about my visions come to life and I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this one as well.

There are more concept shoots coming your way this summer and if you have a fantastic concept shoot in mind for your photoshoot please share with me.  I’d love to make your vision come to life!

Love Always,