Yeah!!  I finally did it!  I know, I’m a slacker sometimes, but it’s finally done – you’re looking at the newest member of the Perth & District Chamber of Commerce!  Well, I guess you can’t actually see me as you’re reading this, but you get the idea ;p  Being a part of this community is a big deal to us and so why not take it a step further and become an even more active member of this wonderful town?  I’m really excited to meet other members and learn more about other entrepreneurs in Perth as well – you never know the collaborations we could come up with!  I’m also excited because I believe this will generate more fans of my work and I will hopefully meet even more families from Perth and the surrounding communities.  The chamber site is great for sharing event information and news with members of Perth that wouldn’t normally go to my site….I’m hoping to change that 🙂

So all around a really exciting time around here!  You can see my member profile page here and you can find all sorts of stuff about the businesses in Perth, the upcoming events in our community (who didn’t love the Festival of Maples?) and specials from members you won’t see anywhere else.  It’s just an all around great site!

Check out all that it has to offer here

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Love Always,