Holy Gorgeous Eyes Batman!!! WOWZERS!!!! Don’t you wish you had blue eyes like that???

Elizabeth, or Liz, just graduated from Sydenham highschool!! WHOOP! WHOOP!  A big congratulations to her and all the best for the future..it sure looks bright!

She was super busy during her highschool years playing various sports -soccer, basketball, badminton and track and field corss country, and she loves figure skating…WOW! Sounds busy busy busy!!!

Liz and her two friends helped me out with my senior/grad portfolio building back in May but unfortunately I became sooo swamped I couldn’t edit her free senior pictures till right now {have to put paying customers first as per policy}! Sorry honey!  You definitely have some of my favourite pictures here from the bunch and i LOVE your purple plaid shirt!!!  You’ve got style girl, you just don’t believe it yet…but you will after these!

I hope you love your pictures and thanks again for being a good sport to try out some new things…the grass picture didn’t really turn out but you were a trooper for laying in it!! thanks!

Have a great time on your next adventure – it only gets better from here!

Love Always,


Yummy Golden hour light!!! don’t you wish you could replicate it all day!!!