I always think it is such an amazing idea to give the gift of photography.  Really, isn’t that all we have left years down the road?  Yes, many of us have a knack for remembering the emotions of a day but photographs are the precious objects that we show our grandchildren and great grandchildren when reminicing about a long past time in our lives.

This wonderful grandma has children that recognize the value of a photograph and wanted to do something extra special for her birthday.  We tried to recreate past photographs of long ago with the added bonus of extra little munchkins that have been a blessing to this family.  It was a wonderful day and everyone was so so nice to me.

Robyn and her mom Dayle orchestrated the whole thing and how could i say no to an almost 30 person photoshoot when Dayle is Grey’s daycare teacher (one he always talks about!) and Robyn is family of family!  Yep, the small world of Perth showed two connections in this family to us so it was a pleasure to give them some long lasting memories of this time in their lives….plus they have ADORABLE children!!

I love when families come up with their own crazy poses and props – so thank you for a wacky, crazy day!

Robyn, Dayle and the rest of the gang I hope you enjoy this very small sneak peek into our day together and I hope you cherish these photographs for generations to come!

Love Always,