It’s really important for me to give back to my community.  Not only for the reason of giving {which in itself is a good enough reason} but also because it’s a great way for me to continue to say thank you to a community that has already given me so much.  Perth and Lanark County {and really all those great folks from Ottawa to Kingston} have embraced me with open arms and a big happy grin and I know that although some of them are smiling at me there are also those that are hurting behind those smiles.  They put on a brave face but sometimes they need that extra help.  That extra little bit of support from a community that once they find out there is a need they are the first ones to step in line to lend a hand, volunteer their time or in my case donate to a worthy cause.

A client of mine is extremely young and has been battling cancer for too many years to mention.  And while this battle is trying and unfair to say the least, everytime I have seen her she has been smiling.  She lights up the room around her when she walks in and you can literally feel the love emmanating from her family members standing right next to her.  This courageous fighter recently had a benefit fundraiser to help outset the cost of treatments and living and not surprising they sold out of tickets WAY BEFORE they thought they would.  There was an outpouring from this community that I think the family was surprised to see.  But they shouldn’t have been surprised.  This is Lanark County and we take care of our own. period.

When I heard about the fundraiser I did the only thing I could think would benefit them in a big way and that was give a family session up for auction.  A small thing in the scheme of things but I’m happy to report that a wonderful family bid on this auction item and I did a family session with them over Easter up near Snow Road.

Despite me getting lost… how do you get lost only taking one road from my house to get there?….. don’t ask ;p LOL….. we had a great time together and I got to see some favourite clients of mine and their extended family.

Thank you Gemmil family for opening your hearts and ultimately your pocket books for this great cause.  I’m sure our fighter appreciated every dollar and will use it to make her life a little more peaceful.

Here’s a sneak from your day- Enjoy!

Love Always,