Yippeee! Finally done Miss Emily’s pictures.  Emily {of Diamonview Photography}and I recently did a photo exchange in Ottawa.  She needed some headshots, and some updated picture of her and Matt and their adorable dogs Molly and Stella.  I desperately needed a good updated family picture and a picture of me and Grey since it seems that i’m always behind the camera and not in front!

The day was hot and cloudless…. as Photographer’s we both hate those types of days!  So we went in search of some open shade and of course we had to find some beautiful cherry blossom trees as they are only blooming for a short period of time. I can’t wait to see my new headshots with the blossoms behind me.

Of course we were lucky that Stella decided to go chase the birds in the water after her pictures were taken!!!

I hope Emily loves her updated headshots – the bridge was just perfect for her!  And we didn’t even cause a traffic accident with all the bikers, and that was pure luck as we were blocking one of their lanes!

Oh ya, then we were holding up two other photographers that wanted to use our cherry blossom tree – yep we picked the perfect one! Insert Evil laugh here!!! LOL…. but we were just chilling out….no i’m kidding we shared as we want all those other families also to have amazing pictures!

Anyways, i’ll stop blabbering on…. Emily I hope you love your pictures and I especially love the many faces you showed me on the bridge ;p

Love Always,