Brittany is a sweet girl.  She’s been involved with the respect committee, students helping students, and Badminton. She’s also accumulated close to 100 volunteer hours , even though she only needed 40 to graduate.  She is with the senior graduating class of 2012 at Sydenham Highschool.

So how did i meet Brittany?  Well, I did a callout for a senior in highschool.  Someone that was involved in their school whether through sports or clubs and who was open-minded and respectful of people who were different themselves.  I have almost no tolerance for those that are racist or bigots and so I was looking for a senior that shared the same views as me.  I wanted to find a senior that could be an ambassador for my company in their school.  To tell others about my business so I could grow my senior market.  The call out was answered by Brittany’s mom!  She gushed about how perfect Brittany would be.

After speaking with Brittany, I couldn’t agree more!  So I asked her if she had some friends that would also be interested.  So Lauren and Elizabeth came along as well.  We met in Sydenham and had fun going to different locations there – I especially loved the pictures during golden hour.

I hope Brittany loves her pictures and thanks again for helping me expand my portfolio and spreading the word about Jennifer Willard Photography’s Senior sessions.

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Love Always,