Tilly, Tilly, Tilly.  What can I say about Tilly.  Umm.. she has one of the coolest names I’ve heard of, and not just because it’s unique and different but because in a way she is named after a grandmother who’s short form for Matilda was Tilly.  How neat will it be for Tilly to learn about that when she’s older?  Connecting to older generations is such a comfort in a world that is forever changing.

Tilly’s mom and dad are getting married this summer (photographed by yours truly) WHOO-HOO!  Pretty excited for the Wedding.  It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to see Tilly again when she’s walking around.

Tilly is a gorgeous child with a great personality already.  She has beautiful eyes and was full of smiles when I photographed her in my new crib setup.  She’s just precious and I know that Shelly and Jaime are just thrilled by her everyday.  She makes their hearts sing with joy when they hold her and I know she will be the center of the world for the rest of their lives.  She’s a real joy.

I love loved her tongue out for half of the shoot! It was apparently a new thing she did just for me – so i thank her for it!  I love being their for new steps, it’s why I love photography so much… I don’t miss out on anything!  She also had this big open mouthed face that i wasn’t sure if it meant that she was happy or mad..it was soo funny!  She rocked her session out with her great expressions and fun personality…it makes me really interested to see how she will be as she grows up… obviously she’ll be beautiful, but more importantly she seems like she’s going to be a really fun little girl.  I hope I get to see that… 🙂

Thanks for making the trek from Kemptville to have me photograph your sweet girl, that was really nice of you and a huge compliment.  I can’t wait to see you at your engagement shoot – I know you guys are going to ROCK IT!

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Enjoy your sneak peeks,

Love Always,


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