50 years is a long time wouldn’t you say?  I mean think about what can happen in a 50 year span of time?  Wars start and end, inventions are new and then become obsolete, generations can be born.

For Brian and Diane, 50 years means years of love and devotion to each other.  50 years of laughter and joy, of struggles and determination.  50 years of committment.  50 years of FAMILY.

50 years ago Brian and Diane started their journey together in making a fantastic life together, of raising children and being blessed with great-grandchildren.  For Brian and Diane, family comes first.  I witnessed the LOVE that shone through their eyes as they took in their surroundings on their anniversary.  They were surrounded by people who wouldn’t even be here without them.  They were surrounded by LOVE everlasting.

Their children felt blessed to have them in their lives and wanted to show their appreciation by gifting them a custom photography experience.  When they look back at these pictures they won’t just remember a day when they celebrated their love for each other but a time when their family came from near and far to show their appreciation for all their hardwork, and devotion to each one of them.  Brian and Diane are the glue that hold this family together.  And for that their children, grandchild, and great-grandchildren are truly blessed.

When Gwen, their daughter, wrote me about how much having a session with me would mean to them I was truly astounded.  A huge grin spread across my face and didn’t disappear for some time.  See, Gwen had read my article in the newspaper last year by chance and had cut it out to save.  She thought this girl with the big heart who helps others through the Maple Leaf Mission is the one we want to use someday for a photo session.  Nothing was planned but she tucked it away for when that special day came.  Well it came and i was more than thrilled and humbled to know that there are fans out there of my work that haven’t called yet but are just itching for the right opportunity to come along to pick up the phone and say we want to book you!  Thank you Gwen for being a long time fan, a sweetheart for all your wonderful comments about my work and about me and for booking this wonderful session for your parents.  I hope I did you proud 🙂

Enjoy just a small taste of our time together and congratulations again Brian and Diane…you two were full of laughter and smiles..my favourite kind of people 🙂

Love Always,