With the blessing of their family and friends, Pat and Lisa got married on October 1, 2011 at Pat’s Mom and Stepdad’s house.  They had a beautiful property full of walking trails and open fields.  The ceremony in the barn was magical.  Strings of fairy lights and paper lanterns greeted guests as they prepared to give their love and support to the Bride and Groom.  The Barn was specifically built in the early part of the 20th century to host Barn Dances.  It never had a cow, a tractor or a straw of hay inside and so you could feel the magic in the air of a once happening place in Lombardy.  And as it had been in an earlier era, the barn was once again host to a festive event.

With the special help of Lisa’s daughter Madison, a binding ritual was performed and with an exchange of vows and rings the very much in love couple said “I Do”.

Just as it was a day of lovely words, it was also a day of freezing cold temperatures.  Hovering around the 6 degree mark, teeth were chattering to say the least.  Blankets helped us stay warm in between pictures but the girls were real troopers once the camera was out.  This fun couple wanted uncoventional shots and I think you’ll agree we got them, especially with the gun!

It was such a pleasure to have Lisa and Pat as my first official Wedding.  We had a great 4 hours with them and we wish them many more hours of happiness and love.  Thank you for embracing my husband Blaine and I and for making us feel so comfortable.  An amazing bunch of people for sure!

I hope you enjoy just a small taste of the memories of the day.

Love Always,