The Paint the Sky event is set up and ready to roll!!!  Paint + Canvas + Yummy Treats = AN ARTISTS DREAM!!!

Bring your little one to the Paint the Sky event to flex their creative muscles and get their artistic juices flowing!  Great for both boys and girls, this event will be one they won’t forget.  Have a budding artist at home?  Do they love to colour or draw?  This photosession is sure to make them feel like Picasso!  They get to draw whatever they want!  Maybe a turle, maybe a kitten, maybe a little abstract watercolour!  Ha!  It doesn’t matter what, at the end they get to bring their canvas home and share their accomplishment with their whole family.  They’ll be able to hang a picture on a wall that they can look at and say “I did that!” …what better feeling is there for a child then being congratulated on a job well done?  You could make their day by allowing them to get as dirty with paint as possible in a safe environment.

Let them have their fun painting their picture while I capture the delight in their eyes and the smile on their face.  It is bound to be an amazing adventure filled with beautiful photographs of this happy day in your child’s life.  Photographs you get to keep to remember and laugh at.

Photosessions will be relaxed, with no expectations except one – TO HAVE FUN!!!  And that’s what I specialize in.  Having fun!  The session will last approximately 30 minutes with your child keeping their painting at the end.  It will be held at my Home Studio so that if it rains then we can move  the photoshoot indoors.

Make sure you are okay with your son or daughter getting paint on their clothes.  Some old jeans might look nice covered in paint.  And I would love if any of the boys were feeling adventurous and wanted to take off their shirt and just wear jeans – then it will look so cute if they had paint on them.  Totally up to you and what type of photographs you would like.

The Session Includes 5-10 high resolution images on a DVD for you to print as you like and their canvas painting!

It’s bound to be an amazing day!  Full of Colour and Laughter!!!

Hope to see you there!

~ Jen