I didn’t have anyone interested in the Paint the Sky Event this year but hopefully next year we will give it another go.  That didn’t stop us from having some family fun!  Grey was so excited to paint on the canvas and was concentrating so hard on getting all the colours that he wanted on that he didn’t even look up once, even though I begged him too!  He’s also at that stage where he sees his mom with a camera and turns and runs the other way.  So no matter how much I begged he was not going to look at me.  But oh well, he had a blast and that was what it was all about.  He made two different canvases and you can tell he likes blue! lol…  I can’t wait to hang them in his toy room once renovations are complete.  It will be such a nice keepsake from when he was a wee lad at 22 months old.  I can’t believe how big he is getting and it is happening all too fast!  Thank God I take lots of pictures!  {Another reason to book a session **wink wink** – I know, I know, shameless promoting! lol}

Anyways, it was a great family time and we will have the canvases and pictures to look at for years to come!


Love Always,


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