I am so fortunate to meet many different military families in Kingston because of the strong presence of the Canadian Armed Forces.  The brave men and women who serve are sometimes stationed here for short periods of time or are lucky enough to be here for a few years.  With that being said, it can feel like a challenge to those family’s to book a newborn session into our studio ahead of time because they do not know if they will be here in 9 months!  It’s a challenge the majority of us do not face, but because of this, it is reassuring to my clients to know that I keep spaces open for last minute appointments and work closely with them to ensure they have a stress free newborn session and have gorgeous portraits that they can carry with them wherever they go.

I’m often asked what type of products work best for a military family that might have to move often and can’t realistically pack up big wall artwork like the Heirloom Canvases and Metal Prints I offer my clients.  And the answer is, I highly recommend an Heirloom Album.  This is a great way of not only printing your images to look at now, but to look at them in the future.  It’s a fantastic way of passing down these memories to your children and an album is an easy keepsake to pack when you are on the move.  Albums come in a few different sizes to meet every budget and include all of your edited portraits.  There are even great Grandparent options too!  Most of the albums we offer have a classic design inside the pages but we do have a fun scrapbook style design for those that love pattern like me.  We love giving you different cover choices as well and have genuine leather (I love the mustard yellow and rustic brown option), leatherette (this is where the bright and bold colours come in like  red and green), organic linen (I love the new pink blush colour) and Crystal Cover with a leather back that has anti-scratch glass on the front for that high-end feel.  All the albums have thick, sturdy pages and use archival inks and papers.  They are meant to last a lifetime and be passed down to your children so they can look back at just how little they were.

Our second recommendation is of course, Digital Images so that you can make multiple copies on various computers or data storage solutions like the Cloud or Dropbox.  This way the images can be shared with other family members that may be in different parts of the country or even across the world easily.

Our third recommendation are Accordion Albums which are fun little brag books for your purse, office or locker where you can show off your brand new family and newborn portraits to anyone who will sit and look!  These make incredible grandparent gifts and are our top pick by clients looking to add a fun product they can’t get anywhere else to their Digital Portrait Collection.  We have many different templates that are customized to match your newborns session colours and can come in both a classic design style and fun with pattern types as well.

The best thing about all of our physical products is that we are the ones doing all the heavy lifting, with custom designing it and sending it to you for approval so that you don’t have to add anything to your busy work-life-balance except saying “Approved”, ending up with gorgeous portraits and products that you can add to your family’s photographic history and enjoy no matter where life takes you.

We would love to hear from other Military family’s on what your favourite products have been over the years and what you have found easiest for the moves your family has done.

I’ll leave you with this adorable baby!  I love when clients bring in pieces of their own history to add to their portraits.  These portraits are always the most meaningful wouldn’t you agree?

~ Jen

baby boy on green grey blanket with military army tags from father at RMC in kingston ontario portrait studio

baby boy in army camo pants on green grey blanket in kingston photography studio

newborn boy with army camo pants on blue blanket in kingston ontario photography studio

newborn baby of military parents with camo army pants on in kingston ontario baby photography studio

newborn baby boy on back with hands behind head in camo military pants in kingston ontario photography studio

baby boy on back with camo pants in kingston portrait studio


Want your own custom portrait session for your little one?  We are currently booking February-June due dates and would love to speak with you more about creating heirloom quality portraits for your family.  No matter where you move in the world, these portraits of your new baby will be cherished and will travel the world with you!

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