I finally got to photograph the beautiful Miss Sienna this past week.  If you recall she won the Grand Opening Photo Contest and as I found out during our session, her mama worked her facebook magic for hours to make sure her little princess won!  Sienna your mama has a lot of friends! LOL…

We went to Jackson Park in Windsor and worked around their construction crews.  The park is lovingly taken care of all year with thousands of flowers planted every year.  I should know – I went to highschool right next door and had lunch in the park almost everyday!

Sienna is a little model in the making…whenever I turned my camera towards her she would have a huge smile on her face like she was posing for Canada’s Next Top Model or something.  It was really just too cute.  Everytime the camera went down she would relax her face.  Like I said – a real pro.  She loved running towards me after I would click the button so it made the whole session so much fun.  She’s one funny girl.

Sienna is just as beautiful as her mama.  As you’ll see in the pictures.  I’ve known Steph since I don’t even know –  maybe she was in grade 6 when I first met her???  It’s great to see someone grow up and become a wonderful nurse and an amazing mama.  Dion, Steph’s boyfriend was a long for the ride and we got some amazing family and cute couple shots.  Like Steph said, maybe I’ll be photographing their engagement one day 😉

And Sienna’s Aunt Amy came and brought her brand new baby Brooke.  Amy has been one of my best friends since I was in grade nine, so ya, a long long time ago! Ha!  It was great to catch up with her in between shots.  I couldn’t get too close as I was trying to get over a fever I had had off and on for two days – ya I know, I’m a trooper! HaHa!  But I couldn’t cancel, we had been waiting way too long to do it!

But I stayed away from the baby as much as possible and we got a cute shot of Sienna and Brooke together.  They look so cute together!

Anyways, I’m blabbering… Steph, Sienna, Dion, Amy {Mike} and Brooke, enjoy your sneak peeks.  I had a great time photographing you and I hope to do it again in the future.

Love Always,


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