Maggie contacted me about getting some updated family photos and I was happy to help her out.  She also wanted more pictures of her and Randy because they really didn’t have very many.  So the session became a catch all session with updated Family photos, pictures of wee Weston and a Couple session all in one.

I was so happy to finally meet Maggie and the crew as Maggie is a sister of someone I’ve known for almost as long as I’ve known my husband (I know that small world again right?).  And as soon as I saw Weston I was like Holy!  That kids looks like a Lee mini me!!!  It’s was crazy how much he looked like his uncle.  So it was kind of like going back in time to see how Lee must have looked.  Such a cutie!

And then on top of that he has the same name {Weston} as my husband and I have come up with if we have another boy next {no not pregnant yet before you ask! LOL}… so I was just super happy to meet the whole crew.

We headed over to Wheelers Pancake House {If you haven’t been you MUST go because their all day breakfast is a family favourite for sure!!! and they have all sorts of activities for the kids….you can go to their website here …..mmm…tasty syrup…}.  They have beautiful old barns and even a Highland Steer {well I think that’s what they really are} that I like to call an Ox!  This was Maggie’s first time seeing an “Ox” so I just had to document the pure glee on her face when she got up close…. those “Ox’s or is it Oxie?” are soooo cute!!!

Did I mention they have sheep?  Well we just happen to be there near sunset and like clockwork those sheep started coming down the road from their field to go to the barn…we might have been on the road… we might have maybe been in the way… there could have been some charging…but we made sure that Randy had the baby so he could hoof it out of the way! I promise no babies were harmed in the sheep picture! LOL…. the sheep might have not liked my camera because they gave me quite the scare when they all started running towards me! LOL…. obviously safe and sound as I write this, but a fun adventure for sure!  So happy to be a part of Weston’s first Sheep charging experience! LOL… 🙂

Because it was sunset we headed over to this beautiful big field and got some great shots with yummy golden light.   I just love when a session can give you so many different lighting situations and such a variety of places to get different scenerys… just love it there and actually just booked an engagement session there for the Winter…they have snowshoeing!! 🙂

Anywho, it was a great session!  How could it not be with adorable babies, a couple madly IN LOVE with each other and their new son, barns, sheep, Ox’s and yummy golden sunsets?

Thanks Maggie for booking a session with me and I hope I see you all again in the future 🙂

Enjoy your sneak peeks!

Love Always,