Kathy asked me if I photograph pets, and my answer was Yes!!! I love photographing pets.  Do you ever feel like you can look deep into your pets soul when you look into their eyes?  Well these pets were full of SOUL!

We started with the 3 cats named Tessa, Pepper, and Captain.  Gave them some catnip and away we went!   It made them happy little campers for sure!  Pepper was the life of the party, I must say.  Always ready for the camera.  Tessa has been with the family for ages and it was really important to capture her spirit.  And Captain just went along for the ride and was very relaxed.

We then got the 2 dogs, Ronda and Sienna,  involved in the shoot, starting inside on the background I brought and then we let them run wild outside.  I got some amazing shots of their sisterly love for each other.

Thank you again Kathy for allowing me to capture a stitch of time in your pets lives.  I hope the photographs will be cherished on your walls for years to come.

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