Newborn Baby Abram came into the Kingston Photography Studio at just 10 days old but already loved so very much by his family.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing many members of this family for 10+ years and am so happy to see how their family has grown and to watch the true love between it’s members.  Abram’s grandmother gave Abram the gift of photography to document his first days in this beautiful world and I cannot thank her enough for choosing me to capture these moments.  He is just perfect and was a doll for me at his newborn photography session and we came out with some incredible portraits that not only will allow his parents and extended family to remember how tiny he once was but also reflect the style that his family has lovingly created in their home.  Using dark blues, teals and grey’s, we created beautiful sets that complimented Abram’s skin tone and didn’t overwhelm him – making him the star!  I absolutely adored seeing his big sister who has been in the studio before and it was a delight to have them come in and relax and enjoy their time together.

Enjoy a look at some of our favourites from our time together!



















Interested in having a custom newborn photography session with your new baby?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please head over to the Become a Client tab on our website to tell us your due date, and a little bit about what your vision for your session is.  We will work closely with you to choose a colour palette that reflects your style and come up with sets that you’ll just love.  We absolutely have a passion for photographing newborns in an artistic way and letting your baby’s portraits become works of Art in your home.  Safety and comfort for your baby is paramount when creating this artwork and you can be rest assured that your baby is well taken care of under your watchful eye.

We welcome your questions and look forward to getting to know you and your baby better!

Have a fantastic day!


As a Professional Newborn Photographer, Jennifer creates a safe and loving environment for your new baby to create stunning imagery that reflects your child’s tiny features while creating aesthetically pleasing artwork.  Jennifer is known for her use of colour theory to create whimsical sets that reflect a love of colour, texture and pattern.  By using the very best newborn photography props available, Jennifer creates a one of a kind look for each of our clients that reflect their family’s chosen colours.  Working closely with parents, allows Moms and Dads the feeling like they are taking part in creating beautiful artwork for their home that is created with love.  When you create something with love, your artwork becomes even more valuable to you.  Newborn portraits are just as important as Wedding portraits in Jennifer’s eye, as you will never get this day back again.  This is a monumental time in your life and it deserves the utmost attention to detail and thoughtful approach to set design and comfort.  Jennifer prides herself on using proper safety techniques to ensure your baby is comfortable throughout the session and encourages each client to voice any concerns they may have before and during their newborn session.  Our goal is to create a Newborn Portrait Experience like no other in Kingston, creating lasting client relationships, and creating years of beautiful memories in tangible artwork that we hope will grace all the walls in your home.  Nothing gives us more joy then seeing our own children’s faces on our living rooms walls and we want that same joy for each client.  While you are investing in the time to plan, implement and perfect your imagery, we also encourage our clients to purchase archival prints that can be passed down through the generations, heirloom albums that can stand the test of time, and fun keepsakes that your children can cherish throughout their childhood.  If you are excited about creating fine art newborn portraits that are unsurpassed in quality then we would encourage you to reach out to us and start a conversation about what you are looking for from a professional photographer.  We welcome your call today.  613-464-2292.

All of our best wishes to you and your family!