Baby Athena came into the studio for her First Birthday Pictures and had a fabulous time during her cake smash!  She was all about the icing and who could blame her?!!  Mom picked out a purple and yellow theme, which I just adore {big purple fan right here!} and we created sets that went from simple to glamourous to celebrate this important milestone.

It’s not everyday that you turn One Year Old and seriously what better way to celebrate then with a custom portrait session!  I’m a big fan of colour coordination {if you follow my work or are a client, you know this to be true} as it lends itself to create beautiful wall gallery’s that flow easily from one portrait to the next as well as giving an album an overall cohesive look that makes it easy to turn the page.

The great thing about First Birthday Photo Shoots in our Kingston, Ontario studio is that they are quick, fun and easy.  Children this age only last around an hour in a studio or even park setting because they are way too busy exploring their world to pay attention to adults!  With a First Birthday Milestone session we plan around 3 sets so that it goes quickly.  We love outfit changes but we know after photographing over 400 children in and outside of our studio that 3 outfit changes are usually all babies can handle.  Who wants to get changed over and over, even if the outfits are darling?  We also take breaks whenever we need them, and Athena was no exception.  That’s the best part about photographing 2 normal sets first then we give them a quick break before the cake smash and because it’s a new thing they are excited to be there and get their hands messy {and sometimes feet, bellies, and faces!}.

Enjoy a look at sweet baby girl Athena’s First Birthday Cake Smash at our Kingston Photography Studio.  She had a blast and we just loved getting to know her and her Mama.


Look who can stand up!!!  Good job big girl!


These two stuffed rats are her favourite toys… Children are so funny!


So happy to use this yellow flower crown I made a few years ago again.  Fit this set beautifully!


What a beautiful smile!  And look at the little teeth – adorable!


I love using this Vintage Crib for baby sessions.  It’s so versatile in that I can turn it different ways for different looks.  It matches any colour palette, all children feel comfortable in it and I can get different angles {above, straight on} so that I can use it for any baby throughout their first year.


I do love a baby in a bucket… and I’m especially fond of serious faces.


Let Her Eat Cake!

Love this fabulous purple and yellow cake smash!  I loved using this purple sequin backdrop for an extra piece of glam on this set and as you will see from the portraits – Athena was pretty excited about eating all that sugar!  These are just a few of my favourites from this part of the session.



And I’m happy to announce that I’ll now be offering bubble bath portraits after the cake smash for clients that want to add that in!  The sets will be simple but oh so fun!

I hope you enjoyed a look at our time with sweet baby Athena {love that name!} and if you are interested in booking a first birthday cake smash milestone portrait session {with or without the cake} then please contact us today to start the planning process.  We do require some time to plan them as they are custom and require attention to detail.  We also like to work closely with you regarding the cake you choose so that it will photograph beautifully.  Custom portraits are a luxury that we feel is an important one to invest in and we want to ensure you love your custom experience with us!

Have a fabulous day!


Jennifer Willard Photography specializes in creating custom portraits of children in the Kingston, Ontario area that focus on fun, colour and texture and a little bit of whimsy.  Working closely with each client to create a colour palette that matches their home decor or children’s room/nursery, ensures that the beautiful portraits from each session will be cherished for years to come through each generation.  Keeping stylized sessions to a colour palette rather than a specific theme {ie. Disney, etc} creates classic portraiture that will never go out of style.  Heirloom products are available for each client to create a handcrafted item to pass on to their children that will last the test of time.  Beautiful Portraits of your Favourite People will be the one tangible item you cannot live without and Jennifer Willard Photography is proud to be a part of your family’s rich visual history.  Contact us today to get started on booking your child’s custom portrait session!