I had the pleasure of photographing my new nephew Kaydan Lyric King when he came to Ontario for his first time.  He was just 3 weeks old and the best baby ever!!!  Didn’t make a peek, was both awake and asleep and let us, {his mommy Kayla} and me, put him in whatever position we wanted.

We tried out some new props I had ~ vintage cradle, propping pillows on new blankets, a cool chair I found at a barn sale and some lovely hats.  He was just perfect!!!  And of course my son came in for a few too!  It was his first time meeting a baby, so it was pretty funny to see his reaction to Kaydan crying.

We had a lot of fun and I am so happy to have some new newborn pictures to update my site.

I hope Kayla and Brendan enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed editing them.  Love you guys!

~ Jen

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