Jaime and Darren are seriously one of the most adventurous couples I have ever seen!  They had this great idea to go to a train bridge for their engagement pictures.  I was like sure let’s do it…meanwhile I’m thinking they meant the little dinky train bridge..no, no, they meant walk down the tracks to the BIG train bridge!!!  Scary right?  I thought so, but they were like don’t worry we’ve done it before…lol…I’m just a wuss – it wasn’t that bad and there were lots of places to run and dive to if a train came along.  So they took me down this trail, and low and behold the most amazing location for an engagement session!!!  I just loved how we still had the Fall colours, the big blue sky and the rustic looking tracks.  I got to try out some new angles and I just love the ring shot!  And they were on the ball during the shoot too.  The looks they were giving each other was scrumptious!  These two are IN LOVE!!!!  So happy for them too!

Jaime is an ex-roomie of mine and I have to say that she is still one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  When we lived together I seriously never had a bad comment to make about her…who can say that?!!  She’s awesome and soooo GORGEOUS!!! Look at those eyes! They are piercing!!! I just had to take a lot of pictures that were close up to her because she is just too stunning!  You’ll see what I mean below.  And Darren was such a cutie!  This was the second time I’ve met him and I just think he’s perfect for Jaime 🙂  And they look so freaking cute together… 🙂  I had some sighing moments when editing their film…my money shot at the end just took my breath away…Jaime will seriously be one of those fabulously gorgeous brides that you see in pictures that you just love to hate… giving me a complex here!  Love you Jaime and just adore you Darren!!!

I hope you guys love the sneak peeks!  Thanks for taking me on an adventure down some forbidden tracks and can’t wait to capture your Wedding Day next year!

Love Always,