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What an incredible gift to give to your family! Portraits hanging on the wall increase a child’s self-esteem and let’s be honest – make your heart happy every time you walk past them. I understand the importance of having your images in a digital archival form but also understand that my clients want quality products that will last generations, that’s why I offer exclusive custom made, heirloom products that will stand the test of time and digital copies of the portraits. The best of both worlds. Just as you like looking at photographs of your grandparents – your kids and grandkids will be so grateful that you took the time to print out your favourites from our session together.

Isn’t it incredible to look back on your family’s history through photographs?  What a treasure it is, to think about what story each portrait tells.  Is it the story of a young couple in love on their Wedding Day or of a soldier returning home from war.  Portraits tell stories well after we’re gone, and give future family members a glimpse into the past.  What does your family’s portraits say about you?  Does one speak about the depth of your love for your unborn child in a beautiful Maternity Portrait?  Does it speak of your love for your young ones in an outdoor family portrait on a crisp Autumn day?  Or still yet, does your portrait tell the story about the tiny details of your new baby born just days ago, marking the start of your journey into parenthood?  What does your story look like?

When I was getting my B.A. in History, I was always fascinated by the stories photographs told.  A portrait is just a glimpse into someone’s entire world.  I’ve taken that fascination with people’s stories into my photography world and love the idea that I can take a portrait that will add to a family’s photographic history.  A history that will be passed down, generation to generation.  I encourage you to let me capture this chapter in your life’s story.  I believe every milestone is a chapter of your story and deserves beautiful portraits to celebrate it.  It’s my job to create a relaxed and easy experience for you to enjoy so that we can create real emotive portraits that you will be proud to put on the walls and pass down to your children.  I encourage you to think about your annual family portraits as adding to your own family’s History Book.

A Photographic History that tells YOUR STORY.  Of your Pregnancy – that glow and unbridled excitement, and anticipation of the adventures to come.  Your Newborn Baby’s tiny toes and fingers and rolls artfully posed on colours you choose that make your heart happy and that you will joyfully display on your living room walls and will be the same images you share with your little one as they grow telling them the story of how they came from a place of love and a commitment.  Every Baby Milestone along the way from sitting up and crawling to celebrating that momentous First Birthday that makes you crave documenting every special moment afterwards.  Your Annual Family Portraits that add a chapter to each part of your family’s History Book.  Because this is your Story.  Your Story matters.  Your children’s Story matters and it will matter to your great grandchildren.  Our lives are made up of stories that fuel our souls, drive our ambitions and create a sense of belonging in a great big world.  You matter and my wish is that you have portraits that show what matters to you.  Let’s tell this chapter of Your Story together.  Let’s create beautiful portraits that make your heart sing.  Let’s create heirloom products together that will make your great grandchildren’s hearts sing.  Let’s tell the story of how it all began; this crazy beautiful story of your family’s journey together.

~ Jen

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Newborn Portraits

Congratulations on welcoming a baby into your lives! Whether this is your first baby or second or sixth, the excitement level is high and the wish to capture every moment of it on camera is something we would love to help you with! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to remember all the things you need to get for baby, the list goes on and on {expert tip: half of it you don’t need!} and creating gorgeous portraits of your new baby can feel like something you can skip because there is just too much to do! We definitely don’t want you to regret not getting those tiny toes captured before they turn into giant teenager feet, all because you thought this was going to be hard! We promise, our process is simple and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

The best thing about coming to our portrait studio is that you don’t have to worry about a thing! We take care of creating gorgeous sets that show off all the tiny little details of your new baby, we supply all of the high-end props and all you have to do is sit back and relax and let us create the magic!

We absolutely love creating gorgeous portraits and keepsake and heirloom products that every client is in love with and that helps you remember this incredible time in your life, with very little effort on your part at all…because let’s face it you are probably going to be exhausted by the time you come to see us. Good thing we have a really really comfortable leather couch that almost all parents fall asleep on. We dare you not to!

Learn more about Newborn Photography Sessions.

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Maternity Portraits

What an incredible time in your life! You must be over the moon excited to be expecting a little one and when you aren’t feeling morning sickness ( or in my case evening sickness!) you must be really enjoying the feeling of your little one growing inside you. Your bond with your child (or children in the case of multiples!) has already started and what better way to commemorate this wonderful journey together then to create timeless portraits that show off that Pregnancy glow. Because let’s face it, even if there are times you are not feeling your best, the rest of us think you are gorgeous!!!

Learn more about Maternity Photography Sessions.

P.S. Creating Maternity Portraits is something you will never regret doing. And I can tell you that from experience on being too busy with my business to not make my own second pregnancy maternity pictures a priority and regretting it immensely ever since. It’s definitely hard to explain to my daughter why I didn’t get pictures done with her in my belly like her brother. Yikes #momguilt … oh ya, if this is your first pregnancy you might have #momguilt symptoms in your future. Be forewarned!


Baby’s First Year

Baby’s first year on Earth is such an exciting time! As parents you get to re-discover the joys of feeling the grass under your feet, tasting fruit for the first time, touching your toes, and walking. So many things we take for granted as adults, and now get to see the curiosity of your little one discovering these things for themselves.

As parents of young ones we know what it’s like to have your heart swell when a new feat is achieved.. Hello, rolling from tummy to your back! That’s one of the greatest things about photographing babies at their first year milestone sessions because we are documenting some of these new wonders for you so that you can remember just how little your new babe was. Gosh the year goes by so fast!!!

We have such a passion for all of the first year milestone portraits and think they are vitally important to have taken. We welcome you to explore a little bit about what we have to offer on the next page and hope you will work with us to create gorgeous imagery of your beautiful little one.

Learn more about Baby’s First Year Milestone Photography Sessions.


Children’s Portraits


Want to continue creating beautiful portraits of your child beyond their first year? A children’s portrait session lets you do just that!

These sessions are specially priced and are a great way to celebrate your child’s milestones including birthdays, Communions and Baptisms, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s and graduating high school. This session compliments your yearly family portrait session nicely and is a way to add to your family’s yearly portrait portfolio. Wall Collages are a great way to showcase these beautiful portraits in your family room, hallway or child’s bedroom.

family portrait with parents and 3 girls in Autumn in field kingston ontario

Family Portraits

Family portraits are cherished for years, from generation to generation and are often looked at during both joyous times in our lives and in times of hardship. These are the memories you will treasure. Portraits of your favourite people, together with beautiful natural smiles, real laughs and the love you feel for each other radiating out to give your heart a happy beat each time you reach for a photograph. These are the photographs that your children will look at when they are older and will think they are the most precious thing in their lives. These photographs are everything.

I know looking at my own family’s portraits from when I was younger, and my grandparents portraits of life on the farm, mean so much more to me now then I ever thought possible. This wonderful time in your life, in your children’s young and fleeting youth, is when portraits have even more impact on your family’s story. This is your history. Let’s preserve it together with an incredible portrait session that focuses on your relationships together and the happiness you feel radiate from deep within when you are with your very favourite people in the world.

Family portrait sessions are 1-2 hours in length at an outdoor location between Kingston Ontario and Perth and take place between April-November each year and include a variety of portraits including full family, siblings, individual children’s portraits, you and your significant other, parents with each child, etc. There are many location options, wardrobe choices, etc which will be discussed with you during the planning process.

Learn more about Family Photography Sessions.

We love hosting mini events multiple times a year. This allows our family and baby clients the opportunity to have some unique themed portraits taken to add to their yearly family portraits. Some mini events are for babies only, some baby and children focused and some are for parents with their children.

Mini Events are just that – Mini! They are a shorter length of time, a smaller investment, and a smaller amount of digital images and/or products are included in the price. They take place on a particular date and a limited amount of times are available. Some are themed sets in the studio and some are just specific locations using the natural scenery of that location.

We usually announce these on our Facebook page but are currently working on creating this page so that you can see all of the events scheduled for the year in one place which will make it easier for our clients to mark the date down in their calendar and prepare for the event.

To keep informed of these sessions without checking back on our page all the time, we welcome you to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be the first to find out when the next mini event is happening!

It is currently under construction. Please check back for more information soon on our upcoming Spring Mini Event.