custom photography

What an incredible gift to give to your family! Portraits hanging on the wall increase a child’s self-esteem and let’s be honest – make your heart happy every time you walk past them. I understand the importance of having your images in a digital archival form but also understand that my clients want quality products that will last generations, that’s why I offer exclusive custom made, heirloom products that will stand the test of time and digital copies of the portraits. The best of both worlds. Just as you like looking at photographs of your grandparents – your kids and grandkids will be so grateful that you took the time to print out your favourites from our session together. Each photograph carefully edited and enhanced represents countless hours of education honing my craft, buying the best equipment, planning sessions and purchasing props that match a clients colour schemes, purchasing editing software, insurance, licenses, supplies, marketing, etc. I take the business of producing beautiful art from our session very seriously and I think it shows in the quality of my work as well as the uniqueness of my style. Each custom photography package reflects this hard work and hours of dedication to perfect a family’s images. I would love an opportunity to work with you and your family and create beautiful images that reflect both my art and your family’s love for each other.

~ Jen


newborn portraits

newborn portraits

Session includes a pre-session design consultation over the phone or email to discuss choosing a colour palette that matches your style and decor, what to wear for your parent and baby portraits, what to bring, what to expect, and products available for purchase; My time creating the custom sets, and ordering props, if need be, to go along with your chosen colour palette; A 3-4 hour session in my residential studio just minutes away from the Cataraqui Center in Kingston Ontario, photographing your new baby with the option of adding parents, siblings and grandparents. You will also have the opportunity to touch and feel the quality products available for purchase. A reveal ordering session in your home or in studio where you will see your fully retouched portraits for the first time, touch and feel the products again and make your final purchase selections.

We try to schedule newborn sessions in for the first 6-16 days of baby’s life (exceptions for preemies as their dates are adjusted) but newborn tucked posing is still achievable up to one month and we can still achieve beautiful baby portraits up to 3 months therefore any baby booked in that is 3 months old or younger is considered a newborn.  All poses may not be possible when they are older than 25 days old but we know we can create gorgeous imagery for you and your family that you will cherish that will reflect their tiny details.  All newborn sessions take place on Saturday or Sunday at 10am or Tuesdays at 9:30am.

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pregnancy photography

maternity portraits

Session includes a pre-consultation over the phone or email to discuss wardrobe, what to bring, what to expect, locations and overall feeling you would like to invoke in your portraits and products available for purchase.

My time and creativity in creating any custom hair pieces or clothing we may incorporate into your session.

Access to the Wardrobe Closet which boasts dresses, fabrics, bandeaus, and skirts to make your session unique.

A 1-2 hour session in studio or at an outdoor location in and around Kingston Ontario.  Outdoor sessions start 2 hours before sunset while studio sessions are booked in the calendar at various times.

A reveal ordering session in your home or online where you will see your fully retouched portraits for the first time, touch and feel the products again and make your final purchase selections. Session will take place between your 32-36 week of pregnancy.

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children's outdoor photography

children’s portraits

Want to continue documenting your baby’s first year and beyond? A children’s portrait session lets you do just that! These sessions are specially priced. The fee includes a 1 hour session at the studio minutes away from the Cataraqui Center in Kingston Ontario, or at an outdoor location. These sessions are great for celebrating your child’s milestones including 6 months, first year cake smashes, and graduating high school. This session compliments your yearly family portrait session nicely and is a way to add to your family’s yearly portrait portfolio. Wall Collages are a great way to showcase these beautiful portraits in your family room, hallway or child’s bedroom.

These sessions are for ages 4 months-18 years. Custom sets will be created for in studio sessions and girls have access to the special wardrobe closet that boasts beautiful dresses and accessories.

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family pictures in kingston

family portraits

Family portraits are cherished for years, from generation to generation and are often looked at during both joyous times in our lives and in times of hardship.  These are the memories you will treasure.  Portraits of your favourite people, together with beautiful natural smiles, real laughs and the love you feel for each other radiating out to give your heart a happy beat each time you reach for a photograph.  These are the photographs that your children will look at when they are older and will think they are the most precious thing in their lives.  These photographs are everything.

I know looking at my own family’s portraits from when I was younger, and my grandparents portraits of life on the farm, mean so much more to me now then I ever thought possible.  This wonderful time in your life, in your children’s young and fleeting youth, is when portraits have even more impact on your family’s story.  This is your history.  Let’s preserve it together with an incredible portrait session that focuses on your relationships together and the happiness you feel radiate from deep within when you are with your very favourite people in the world.

Family portrait sessions are 1-2 hours in length at an outdoor location between Kingston Ontario and Perth {in studio available for small families with the option of also going outdoors to a location near the studio} and include a variety of portraits including full family, siblings, individual children’s portraits, you and your significant other, parents with each child, etc.  There are many location options, wardrobe choices, etc which will be discussed with you during your pre-consultation.

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