I’ve known Nolan for about as long as I have known my husband – so that’s a long time!  But I just recently had the pleasure of meeting Holly and really talking to her at the Wedding I just photographed.  It’s a small world here in Perth and so we sat together for supper and laughed over the silly things our babies have done and the fact that all we could talk about was our babies on our nights off! LOL….  When I heard about their engagement I was super excited for them and while speaking over a yummy turkey dinner {thank you Pat and Lisa ;p} we just hit it off.  I gave them information on my session pricing and the rest is history.  They are tying the knot somewhere far away and tropical…mmmm….tropical breezes and swim up bars…. sounds like fun right???  And the best part is they are waiting until their little guy Brighton is old enough to really enjoy it as well!  I was so happy to meet little Brighton and was so glad he was part of their Engagement pictures – I mean he is their whole world so he should be in them!  He had the most amazing blue eyes..just too cute 🙂

I really hope you all enjoy your sneak peeks and I wish you lots of fun, sun and happiness on your Wedding Day and everyday in between!

Love Always,


p.s.  I pretty much thought I was editing models from a ROOTS campaign shoot, these two are hot!  You’ll see what I mean below 🙂  I also went with a lot of Vintagy looking pictures – just something about them screamed classic 1970’s feel..could have been the outfits, who knows… but i like it!