My little man Grey turns 18 months at the end of the month…I can’t believe I’m going to have a one and a half year old soon! Crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun! He’s the joy in our lives for sure. He had no problem playing outside on that fabulous day last weekend and so we got some amazing shots to send out to the family.

One of his grandma’s made him the sweater and hat and I thought it would look really cute and unique in pictures and I was right! And we got to try on his new spring jacket…a bit big, but oh so cute! Grey, Daddy and Me went for a walk down the cottage road across the street from our house and found some great puddles to jump in. I think that was Grey’s favourite part of the day!

I just bought some amazing textures from Jessica Drossin and had to try them out on Grey’s pictures. All I can say is amazing!!! I will defintely be using them in the future. LOVE THEM!!!!

Thanks Grey for letting mommy take some pictures of you, and even looking at me a few times…which is hard to capture when the camera’s out these i’m sure all of you moms and dads know! Once they start being able to run, you can’t stop them to take a picture for an instant..unless of course they’re asleep! LOL

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the textures like I did.

~ Jen

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