It’s bittersweet to watch your child grow up.  On one hand you are so proud of their accomplishments, my son finally started talking!  And on the other hand you want them to stay young forever.  I remember rocking him to sleep every night seeing songs and now it’s the same bedtime stories over and over.  I’m loving every minute of being Grey’s mom.  I feel so blessed to have him in my life.  He is the bright spot in my day.  He is so much fun and has such a sense a humour that if he doesn’t become a comedian then I’m not sure what he’s going to do!  He astounds me with his genius, I mean who makes trailers out of car transporters for his little play four wheeler?  Brilliant I tell you! I know I’m biased 😉  But it can’t be helped, he is my baby.  Every parent knows what that feeling is like.  I get to keep Grey for life!  How did I get so lucky!  I mean the terrible twos haven’t really hit him yet so I might have a different blog for you all to read in the next couple of months, but for now it’s just pure and simple joy to have Grey in our lives.

Because mommy always has a camera Grey doesn’t look my way when it’s in front of my face.  Maybe it’s the age, as he was all about taking pictures when he was younger, but for whatever reason it is a challenge!  Here are a few of the ones I captured yesterday, the best that there has been in a long time!  Of course, mommy tried bribing him with a Skittle.  Why didn’t anyone tell me that was the key to getting your kid to stay still long enough to take a picture before???!!! LOL…

Enjoy my son’s pictures, for he is a joy to me.

Love Always,