Because I want to document everything when it comes to our families’ lives, we had the first part of our Father’s Day Shoot on the weekend as Father’s Day is going to be hectic and I wasn’t sure how much time we would get to do our photoshoot.  I love taking pictures of father’s and son’s because it seems like they have an entirely different dynamic then mom’s and son’s.  They are rougher, wilder and more carefree.  Dad’s don’t worry about if their kid is going to get hurt (within reason of course!) they care more about their child having an adventure and experiencing that sense of wonder right beside them.

Blaine and Grey are no exception to this….while I’m shouting watch out for that rock, or don’t run too fast, or don’t get too close to the water, Blaine patiently tells me that I’m being silly and that Grey is fine.  So I took a step back and watched them.  Two peas in my family pod.  It’s amazing to see the bonds that have already formed in only a year and a half span of time.  I’m blessed to have two such wonderful boys in my life!  And I felt that blessing looking through the lens this past weekend.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did when I looked them over.  A lot of them made me laugh, but maybe you had to be there…either way, you can see the love these two have for each other.  Happy Father’s Day Blaine, I hope you enjoy.

Love Always,

your wife

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