I was so thrilled to have Tanya and Josh back to my studio last week.  You may remember that they recently had a Maternity session with me that ended at sunset so we got some great romantic shots at the end with yummy light.  They were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little baby boy and I couldn’t wait to meet him too!  He came a bit early and had some jaundice and being busy parents to a newborn got in the way so they decided to postpone the photoshoot but finally our time together happened!  And he was every bit as cute as I thought he would be 🙂  I just loved his little button nose and squishy cheeks (both kinds! lol)…. loved loved loved meeting Dawson and had a fantastic time visiting with Tanya and Josh.  Being older required a lot more cuddles from mommy and so we took lots of breaks.  He really didn’t like being put down (unfortunately our session time was during his normal fussy time) and would cry when we tried to put him on his back or belly, so we took some quick shots of him by himself in between hugs from mommy…nothing like a hug from mommy to make you happy!  So technically I guess I shouldn’t call this a newborn photoshoot but he is still brand spanking new to me!!!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks of Mr. Dawson….did I mention my favourite tv show was Dawson’s Creek? …I know random thought I wanted to share ;p

Love Always,