The rolls.  The rolls i tell ya.  God made some beautiful rolls on this little girl. Oh my goodness, i could just cuddle her all day and can’t wait till I see her again as I’m sure I will!  Aubrey is just such a blessing to her mom and dad and to her big brother Landon.  All 4 of them came to see me at my studio and once Aubrey settled down she just rolled through those poses….love the shots we got!!

Landon at 3 is just what every 3 year old boy should be like.  He’s curious, loud, funny, silly and active active active!  So we shot his pictures with Aubrey first and did the family pictures right away.  I always find this works best then off Landon was with dad to the train table to play while we spent a few hours with Aubrey.  Landon knows exactly where he can be free to play in my house as he has been here for sessions before.  You know it’s funny I had some Holiday Mini’s here not too long ago and some kids from 2 years before remembered coming to my house for pictures and they knew once they were done they could play with the train table!  Good memories and much excitement over that table for sure!

I am so happy with the images we got and am so happy to hear that mom and dad wanted ALL the shots we took!  They loved that I snuck in some shots of Landon by himself when his sister needed to be fed.

We also incorporated a picture of dad’s parent’s.  This was super important to them and unfortunately we weren’t able to put it with Aubrey due to cuddling times but Landon proudly showed off his Grandma and Grandpa’s picture who are no longer with us. I wouldn’t normally share personal information but I’ve known Aubrey’s daddy for over 10 years.  Aubrey’s middle name is named after Grandma Vance and I know she is watching over this young family from Heaven.  I was fortunate enough to meet her once and she was the kindest woman.  And Grandpa loved his children very much.  Both are missed.

I can’t wait to see the beauty Aubrey will turn into and can’t wait to see how she interacts with the boys in the Vance house.  I’m going to go with having them wrapped around her finger!!!

If they look familiar but you can’t put your finger on it you can see their latest session here!

Enjoy the sneak peeks!

Love Always,



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